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February 18, 2018
List of Lesson Plans for Educators
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Download: The_Educator's_Guide_to_LGBTIQ_Pridev2.pdf
Title: The Educator's Guide to LGBTIQ Pridev2.pdf (pdf 40 KB)
Author: GSAFE
Audience: Elementary-Secondary
Brief Description: GSAFE believes in a safe learning environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Though October is recognized as LGBTIQ Pride Month, a time for LGBTIQ people and allies to celebrate their identities as a community, every month is LGBTIQ month. Including LGBTIQ themed/inclusive topics in your classroom helps make it a safer place for all students. Yet, only 10.5% of LGBTIQ students are taught positive information about LGBTIQ-related topics. You can make a difference - celebrate LGBTIQ Pride Month (October) by highlighting historical LGBTIQ leaders, discussing the LGBTIQ movement or by simply putting a display in your classroom.

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