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February 18, 2018
List of Lesson Plans for Educators
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Download: Bullying-The Role and Responsibilities of Bystanders Grade 11.pdf
Title: Bullying: The Role and Responsibilities of Bystanders (pdf 282 KB)
Author: Society for Safe and Caring Schools & Communities
Audience: Secondary
Brief Description: This lesson is based on Robert Cormier’s novel The Chocolate War. The novel comments on peer pressure, nonconformity, bullying and harassment. It provides an opportunity to explore issues related to bullying and harassment that focus on the role of the bystander. Students come to understand the powerful influence bystanders have on decreasing bullying and harassment. They are encouraged to think about and take action to intervene when they witness abuse of this nature. The story takes place in a New England Catholic boys’ school in the 1970s. The protagonist is Jerry Renault, the quarterback for the Trinity High junior varsity football team. The antagonists are Archie Costello, a member of the school's exclusive but clandestine Vigils Club, and Brother Leon, the teacher who abuses his authority and condones intimidation. Conflict occurs when Archie orders Jerry to do his bidding and eventually Jerry refuses. Archie and Jerry become enemies, and the conflict between them escalates. A central question the novel asks is, Should one stand up for others or avoid being involved and suffer inevitable rejection and taunting?

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